Favorite Cheesy Food: Mac and Cheese Bites

He Said: Anthony Mattariello

So we all know how much I love eating Mac and Cheese, especially with a spoon like a civilized human being.

This week, although involving Mac and Cheese, is way different. We’re talking macaroni and cheese bites.

For those of you that don’t know what they are, let me enlighten you. Essentially it’s a cluster of Mac and Cheese coated in flour, dipped in egg, rolled around in breadcrumbs and then fried in oil.

Mac and Cheese bites are something that is fairly new to me and I think they are fairly new in general. I was first introduced when I came to Sacred Heart, never hearing of them before.

Like most things in Connecticut I was bombarded with overly hyped accounts of people enjoying their Mac and Cheese bites.

So I took everyone’s advice and decided to eat some Mac and Cheese bites. I obviously went to Merritt Canteen. I really wouldn’t even know where else to get Mac and Cheese bites for that matter.

If you ever go to an event around school, they sometimes serve Mac and Cheese bites, or at least they serve a soggy piece of rubber that they like to call Mac and Cheese bites.

Well anyways, I walk into Merritt Canteen, say hello to the cashier and I get an order of Mac and Cheese bites. Along with a chili cheese dog…and a hot dog…and an order of fries…and a large root beer with no ice.

But by the way if you let places put ice in your soda then you’re the recipient of the biggest scam on earth.

Honestly, they put so much ice in your cup and the soda is cold anyway.

Sorry I keep going on these tangents, but I’ve been extra aggravated this week. I swear not to digress anymore.

Now back to the Mac and Cheese bites. I finally took a bite of one and I burnt my entire mouth so I had to let it air out for a while.

After taking a few gulps from the oodles of root beer I had, my mouth finally cooled down and I was able to go in for another bite and hopeful taste what everyone had been raving about.

I took a bite and this aura came over me. I felt enlightenment, deliverance, and a sense of calmness all at the same time.

As I chewed the Mac and Cheese bite I gained a certain knowledge. My mind was open to a new way of thinking.

I was thinking that Mac and Cheese bites are possibly the most overrated thing in the entire world.

I mean what is the big deal. It’s breaded Mac and Cheese that is a formula to burning your entire mouth.

Why wouldn’t you just eat regular Mac and Cheese? It’s way more delicious, easier to make and cheaper.

Literally when there was a shortage of Mac and Cheese bites I was the happiest I’ve ever been in my entire life.

Plus, of all the things that the Merritt Canteen has to offer, you get Mac and Cheese bites?

If you do, then do yourself a favor and rethink your decisions and maybe get an order of their wings because they are bomb.

She Said: Kelsey Hor

So earlier in the semester Anthony and I discussed the topic about what utensil would be easier to eat Mac and Cheese with, a fork or a spoon.

Now this week we will debate another form of the delicious food, Mac and Cheese bites.

Now I know what you’re thinking, there are so many fried treats to choose from. What I would normally consider carnival food is now being served in various different places such as the Merritt Canteen right by campus.

Menu’s at certain on-the-go food places offer different fried food such as fried Oreos which, if you ask me, are way too sweet. Fried pickles are a combination of sour, sweet and fried. There is funnel cake, which in my opinion is pure sugar. But Mac and Cheese bites stand out amongst the rest as the best possible choice of fried deliciousness.

I mean, Mac and Cheese bites are basically just a modified version of a favorite childhood food in bite size form.

What’s not to like?

When you’re on the go or in a rush this is a perfect treat for you.

These treats can usually be held without having to use a utensil which is more useful than you would think.

Since they are bite sized you can just pop one whole one into your mouth without judgment from others.

If you’re craving a delicious treat, you want Mac and Cheese, or you are on the go, Mac and Cheese bites will satisfy you on those times when you just need that extra cheesy good flavor.

Let’s say you’re doing something adventurous and you’re just craving something mouth-watering and satisfying.

Well, Mac and Cheese bites are a great option.

If you’re at a carnival with your friend or in a big city ready to go sightseeing, Mac and Cheese bites will most likely be somewhere nearby. So many restaurants have been adding these little treats to their menu because they’ve gotten so popular.

Also, who does not like fried food every once in a while?

Now I know it’s typically not good for you. If you’re on a health diet I can understand your struggle of trying to resist eating unhealthy, delicious treats but when it’s right in front of you, it’s hard not to be persuaded into just a tiny bite of that treat.

Mac and Cheese bites are just so good. They combine tasty flavors of cheesy delight and a fried food explosion in your mouth. It’s a mouth-watering sensation that is able to satisfy you throughout the entire day, maybe even the entire week.

Just think, to all of you who are on a health diet, if you take a couple of bites of that Mac and Cheese taste you’ll be satisfied enough that you might not even be craving another treat that will derail your diet until the following week.

If you like Mac and Cheese bites that’s great. If you don’t I hope you try it at least once. Who knows, you might actually find yourself enjoying it.

Mac & Cheese: Fork or Spoon?

He Said: Anthony Mattariello

So here we are in a new semester, but the same old newspaper, with the same old He Said, She Said column. However, you may notice that the She Said is now someone different.

Kelsey is pretty new to this so I promise I’ll go easy on her. I mean I already took down one She Said so I don’t want to scare her away too quickly.

Our topic this week is actually something very personal to me and I also find that it’s a pretty debatable, hot topic.

This week’s topic is about macaroni and cheese and what is the best utensil to use to eat it. Before I tell you how, let me give you a little back-story on why this means so much to me.

Macaroni and cheese has been in my life since I was born. Even as a wee baby the gooey deliciousness that is mac N’ cheese made its way into my diet.

I remember thinking that macaroni and cheese was the best invention and was way ahead of its time. Little did I know about the actual history of macaroni and cheese.

It turns out that recipes for macaroni and cheese dates back to the late 13th century. The idea of macaroni and cheese came from Italy.

Back then they used macaroni that was more like pieces of lasagna sheets and used Parmesan cheese.

So really macaroni and cheese was more like lasagna when it was first made. It wasn’t until it came to America that it was changed to what it is today.

When Thomas Jefferson came back from Italy he brought back a macaroni machine and the recipe. His daughter decided to make it with cheddar cheese.

You can only imagine how happy I was as a little Italian kid to realize that one of my favorite meals had some Italian

With a newfound appreciation for macaroni and cheese, it’s safe to say that it took over my life. I kid you not, even to this day I have a deep and personal intimacy with every bowl I have.

At this very moment I have about 30 boxes of Kraft macaroni and cheese in my pantry. Some might call it a fetish, but I just call it love.

Since I have such a beloved fondness for mac and cheese, over the years I’ve developed the best method for optimal consumption.

Of course, some people like to argue with me but I know I’m right. I’ve used many different methods but I’ve found the most ergonomic way to eat macaroni and cheese.

First off, the bowl is the best thing to eat mac and cheese out of, there’s really no argument here. A bowl just holds your mac and cheese that makes it easy to scoop out.

Finally, the utensil that everyone should use is a spoon. I mean let’s get real, who wants to sit at their table and repeatedly stab at their food until they realize that only two macaroni can actually fit on their fork?

The spoon allows me to scoop up mountains full of mac and cheese so I can shove as much into my mouth as possible until I O.D. on some cheesy goodness.

This is how I leave you. If you enjoy being a loser who uses a fork to eat mac and cheese then be my guest, but I’m sitting at the cool kids table with a fat spoon in my mouth.

She Said: Kelsey Hor

Picture this: Coming home from a long day of classes or work and you’re in the mood for a treat.

Although you think you should be eating healthy, you find yourself craving something else.

Do I want something sweet? Sour? Chocolate? Crunchy? Chewy? Cheesy?

In the kitchen there is something your parents left behind for you to whip up on those tough and excruciatingly long days.

A kid’s all time favorite treat, macaroni and cheese, is just sitting in your snack bin waiting to be opened and cooked.

Mac and cheese is one of those foods that for many, will take them back to their great childhood memories. Macaroni and cheese can be a great treat to have for a few reasons.

For instance, if you had a busy day and all you want to do is be comfortable in that nice cozy bed of yours, macaroni and cheese is a great comfort food that will make you feel all better again.

In those little cardboard boxes filled with macaroni and the cheese, you start to heat up the raw macaroni and then prepare to put in the cheese.

As you stir the two foods together a heavenly smell and sensation hits you, making you want it even more. Once the two are put together and mixed you get your fork out and eat.

Now the question, is why would you ever use anything but a fork to eat your macaroni and cheese? It’s not soup or broth! There is no extra liquid one has to scoop up to put into their mouths.

The macaroni, even without the cheese alone, sometimes sticks together and is annoying to separate even with a fork. A spoon would just make it more difficult.

Macaroni is a form of pasta. With that being said, would you consider eating pasta with a spoon alone? Would it even be logical to eat pasta with a spoon?

However, it might make sense if you were to use a spoon to assist the fork in picking up your food.

The other weekend a few of my friends and I went to Connecticut’s very own macaroni and cheese chain restaurant known as Macdaddys.

I got myself one of the specialty made macaroni and cheese choices on the menu.

When I sat down to eat, the mac and cheese was melted and so cheesy I just wanted to stuff it all in my mouth.
However, I needed a utensil.

I then thought to myself,  how would I be able to eat this just with a spoon alone?

All the vegetables and other ingredients would fall back onto the plate or bowl if you were to use a spoon. Plus, the cheese would get super messy. Spoons are round and smooth.

Spoons have no points or edges to hold the food besides to scoop it up, which would be pretty hard considering it’s already difficult to break up the cheese by itself with a knife.

Although, you may not have an opinion about what utensil you use for certain types of foods, mac and cheese is an all time childhood favorite that keeps you going even until you are well into adult.

Whether you want to eat with a fork or a spoon make sure to enjoy your
delicious macaroni and cheese anywhere and anytime.

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