All Summer ’17

Sacred Heart students are looking forward to the summer. Photo by Melissa O’Rourke/Spectrum.

By Daniel Diggins

Staff Reporter

From the Catamaran’s top deck, Freshman Devin Nealon could see nothing but blue skies and a calm ocean as he sailed through the US Virgin Islands.

Nealon visited the US Virgin Islands for the first time in the summer of 2015 and is planning on returning this summer for his second trip after his freshman year has officially ended.

“Summer is one of the best times of the year for me, especially to go on vacation with my family,” said Nealon.

Students at Sacred Heart University take time in the summer to do a variety of things. Some students either work in the summer, travel, relax, or even take classes.

“Once summer starts, you can find me working six to seven days a week. The amount of money needed to support my life in college is absurd, and summer is when I have to make that money, so there’s no other choice,” said sophomore Vinnie Tummarello.

Some students make their money in the summer from regular jobs while others make their money from internships.

“I have a paid internship this summer for the first time. The pay is significantly higher than my job I had last summer scooping ice cream,” said junior Connor Altamura.

Students can use paid internships as a way to make money and increase their experience working. However, not all internships are paid. Some are simply to gain experience.

“I have an unpaid internship this summer which I’m pretty excited about. The hours
aren’t very demanding at all and it is going to look great to put on a resume,” said freshman Danylo Yanovskiy. “Since my internship is unpaid, I need to have a paid job also. I’ll be working a couple days a week on my friend’s farm.”

While some students are busy working during the summer, others are busy taking summer courses. Some even manage to both work and take summer courses.

“I’m taking a few classes this summer, which only meet a few days a week. So luckily I’ll be able to work on the days that I don’t have classes,” said freshman Nico Di Lucia.

Others don’t have much time to work or take classes, especially if they are travelling for the summer.

“I’ll be going to Italy for the majority of the summer visiting extended family with some of my cousins. We’ll also just be travelling around Europe when we aren’t in Italy,” said sophomore Kristina Deleonardis.

Some of those who are graduating this May have different plans than those that are returning to the university.

“I’m going out this summer and looking for a real job to start my career, I’m definitely going to miss this school,” said senior Eric Bialczak.

Emojis Taking Over Snapchat

By Meagan Bonner

Staff Reporter

In June of 2017 you’ll find a few more icons on your keyboard that weren’t there
before. Yet, what do students at Sacred Heart University prefer? Emojis or Bitmojis?

“I love Bitmojis. I don’t have an iPhone, but I use a ton of Bitmojis on my Snapchat, way more than Emojis,” said senior Marcus Richer.

Bitmojis are a character that you can create with the Bitmoji app that can look like you, dress like you and act like you via text message and now on Snapchat as well. A Bitmoji is your own personal Emoji.

Bitmojis are updated more frequently than Emojis are. To get one all you have to do is download the app, create your own Bitmoji and access them onto your keyboard through your settings.

Both androids and iPhone’s can use the Bitmoji app.

“I use Emojis all the time. I do use Bitmojis a lot and I love my Bitmoji, but I use
Emojis in daily text and Bitmojis I use in some, specific moments,” said junior Alejandra Perez.

According to NBC Connecticut’s website, when the new Emojis come out this June they will feature ones like a mermaid, a merman, vampires, zombies, a brain, dinosaurs, a pretzel, a zebra, tomato soup can and a face with a monocle.

“I think Emojis are used more frequently because they’re easier to access and quicker to respond,” said junior Lauren Pelster. “Bitmojis are a lot more specialized and there are much more options compared to Emojis. Bitmojis feel more personal. I love both though.”

Now celebrities are creating their own Emojis for people to use. These Emojis look like the celebrities and have the same facial expressions just like the Emojis you love.

Celebs and star athletes like Kim Kardashian, Jimmy Fallon, Conor McGregor, Justin Bieber, Aly Raisman and Michael Phelps all have their own Emoji apps to name a few.

They Emojis also have clever names like “Kimojis,” which refer to Kim Kardashian.

“I actually have the Jimojis downloaded on my iPhone and keyboard,” said junior Dani Fitzpatrick. “I love Jimmy Fallon so I figured why not. They crack me up and they have faces that relate to skits that he does on his late night show.”

Disney now has their own Emoji’s and Emoji app as well. The Emoji’s include characters like Elsa, Simba, Wreck-It-Ralph, Ariel, Peter Pan, Tinker Bell and many more.

Not only does Disney have Emoji’s, but they also have an app that’s a game based off their Emoji’s called Emoji Blitz.

“I feel like they are mostly the same,” said senior Dylan Moore. “I like Bitmoji on Snapchat because it’s a way to keep the convo going. I just use Emojis for test and
Bitmojis for Snapchat.”


Pepsi Commerical Peaceful?

Students react to controversial Pepsi advertisement featuring Kendall Jenner. Photo by John Sullivan/Spectrum.

By Danielle Lapierre

Staff Reporter

Kendall Jenner and Pepsi joined forces for a new advertisement, which was supposed to depict a peaceful protest that Jenner eventually participates in. Many groups, including Sacred Heart University students, are seeing the advertisement as controversial.

In the commercial, which was originally posted on the Pepsi YouTube channel before being deleted, Jenner is originally being shown participating in a photo shoot and noticing a passing protest. The protesters were holding signs bearing phrases such as “peace” and “join the conversation.” Jenner then abandons her photo shoot and joins the protest.

In the final scene, when the protesters come across a barricade of police officers, Jenner offers one a Pepsi, and both groups celebrate, indicating the issue they were fighting about has been resolved.

In a statement given to The New York Times, Elle Hearns, a former organizer for Black Lives Matter, said that the commercial “plays down the sacrifices people have historically taken in utilizing protests. No one is finding joy from Pepsi in a protest,” said Hearns. “That’s just not the reality of our lives. That’s not what it looks like to take bold action.”

With the issues of police brutality and protesting, many saw this commercial as portraying this issues as simpler than they are.

“These issues are much more complicated and take a lot more than a supermodel handing over a Pepsi to be solved,” said sophomore Chrissie Wojciechowski. “I think Pepsi did the right thing in removing their ad. We should be discussing these issues and coming up with realistic ways to solve them.”

Though there have been many serious reactions to the Pepsi controversy, many have also been taking it and creating parodies and using humor to make light of the situation.

Late night hosts all took to their shows and later posted videos on their YouTube channels spoofing and making fun of Jenner and Pepsi. Some of the hosts included Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Fallon, Trevor Noah and Seth Meyers.

Seth Meyers’s spoof included an alternate ending of the commercial which involved an African-American woman handing a Pepsi to an officer, and then having back up promptly called on her.

“I think Pepsi was just trying to get involved in the conversation and tried to send a social message but did it in the completely wrong way,” said senior Kyle Brady. “There were way better ways to do that than by undermining an entire movement that has been taking place in our country for a few years now.”

Amid the controversy, Pepsi has since pulled the advertisement from their YouTube channel, but not before multiple other accounts posted it on their personal channels, making it still viewable. A repost of the commercial on one account still has more than nine million views, with the number still rising every day.

“Pepsi was trying to project a global message of unity, peace and understanding. Clearly we missed the mark, and we apologize,” Pepsi said in a press release that was later reported by NBC News. “We did not intend to make light of any serious issue. We are removing the content and halting any further rollout. We also apologize for putting Kendall Jenner in this position.”

Jenner has been quiet regarding the incident with no statement released by her public relations team regarding either an apology or an acceptance of Pepsi’s apology to her.

“Regardless of anything, I hope other companies use what happened to Pepsi as a lesson,” said junior Kevin Dunn. “Don’t use social issues in order to sell a product, 99 percent of the time, it won’t end well.”

Say Goodbye To Coolattas

By Michael Marino

Staff Reporter

This summer, Dunkin Donuts will be dropping the Coffee Coolatta from their menu. The big question is, will “America still run on Dunkin?”

According to CNBC, Dunkin Donuts will be replacing the Coffee Coolatta with their new Frozen Coffee, which is said to have more of a coffee taste compared to its predecessor.

“This came as a complete shock to me,” said sophomore Matthew Falce. “Every morning I have an early class, I make sure I get up in time to rush over to Dunkin for a Coolatta. They should not have tried to complicate things by releasing a new product. I just don’t understand what they were thinking. They already had a drink that many people loved. It just doesn’t make sense that they felt the need to take away an original.”

On the other hand, some students are happy that Dunkin Donuts has made this decision.

“I was never really a big fan of the Coffee Coolatta anyway,” said sophomore Joseph Siegel. “I was always the kind of person who was happy with a regular hot coffee to wake me up in the morning. The few times I have tried the Coolatta I was not impressed. I always thought that it was too sweet and sugary.”

However, the sweet taste of some Dunkin Donut drinks like these are what many
students are looking for.

“I love many products that Dunkin has put out, especially the Coolatta,” said freshman Nathan Gervais. “Honestly, I was a little sad when I heard that they were taking it away, but I am optimistic about the Frozen Coffee.”

According to CNBC, Dunkin Donuts will allow their customers to select the flavor of their Frozen Coffee and pick their dairy mixer.

“I’m interested to try the Frozen Coffee,” said Gervais. “I really only drink these kind of things for the flavor, I don’t really need or care about the energy from coffee.”

However, some Sacred Heart students believe that Dunkin Donuts will lose a large amount of customers because of their decision.

“I know many people who love the Coffee Coolatta and are really upset that it’s going to be gone,” said Othman. “It was part of my daily routine whether I had to wake up early or not.”

According to CNBC, there has been an uproar of Coffee Coolatta fans on Twitter who are not pleased with Dunkin Donuts’ decision.

“The Coffee Coolatta was the only drink I actually got at Dunkin. It’s sad to say, but I most likely will be making the switch to Starbucks,” said freshman Anthony Othman.

Dunkin Donuts has been around since 1950 and has been a student favorite.

“Whether you are a Coolatta fan or not, Dunkin is going to keep coming out with new products that will eventually please everyone,” said Siegel.

The Anticipation of Growing Up

He Said: Anthony Mattariello

So this is it. This is my last He Said.

Honestly, it feels good, knowing that I’ve given so many people insight to a better life.

I also can honestly say that I’m the first person in Spectrum history to go undefeated in the He Said, She Said debates.

For our last He Said, She Said we decided to do something a little more sentimental.

A lot of us on the Spectrum board are graduating, including me, so we’re going
to be talking about the anticipation of
growing up.

I know it’s not necessarily a debate but I figured I would save Kelsey from taking another loss.

So I’ve been at Sacred heart for the past four years and I got to tell you, I’ve gotten pretty comfortable here.

If there’s one thing I don’t exactly enjoy it’s change and if there’s one thing graduating college brings you, it’s change.

Probably one of the biggest parts of graduation is realizing that you have to grow up.

I mean, no more hanging out in the middle of the day with your best buds or having as much down time. You can kind of take for granted the time you have in between classes to go grab a sandwich or take a nap.

As for my personality, I don’t plan on changing all that much. I think I’ve matured a lot at college and I feel that if I mature any more I’ll become some dweeb.

Another big part of graduating is getting a job. I’ve been fortunate enough to put a halt on that process.

I’ve been lucky enough to get into grad school and also get a graduate assistant position to help pay for my schooling
at Sacred Heart.

So that means two more years of me on this campus and two more years of me enjoying this school.

To be honest I’m not looking forward to be getting out of school. Sure it is cool to think where I’ll end up and what type of job I have but like I said before, I’m very comfortable where I’m at and I’m not a fan of change.

However I know that I can’t be at school forever, I mean that would just be way to expensive, so I’m going to try to live these next couple of years to the fullest.

Just thinking about the increase in the amount of responsibility that I will have once I graduate makes me want to crawl into my bed and never leave.

Honestly people, who knows how to do taxes? Anyone? No? If you do then let me know cause I must’ve missed out on that lesson while I was writing about the human journey.

Not to mention I’m going to have to
worry about a rent check every month, really planning out my financial situation. I really rather not care about those things.

But we all must grow up. Let this be a lesson to all you underclassmen. College doesn’t go on forever so you should do what you really want and just be able to say that you loved it here after you’re done.

So pretty much when you come to the
decision of going to a darty or going to class, I think you know which one to pick.

She Said: Kelsey Hor 

The senior class of 2017 is about to graduate in a couple of weeks. Although I still have one more year to go, I am still taken back by the fact that in around 11 months or so, that will be me.

You start to ask yourself, am I really ready for the real world?

As a rising senior, I still have some time on my hands to be in college. When you can just be a kid for another year and have limited responsibilities.

Now when I mean limited responsibilities I can speak for most people in my year and can say not having the responsibility to pay for housing bills, your full financial education payments, and among other things varying from person to person.

Senior year is the last year to make the most of the memories you want to have in college. Are you going to make that change in yourself that you always wanted to before your time at school is up? It is time to do what you want with your friends while you still get to see each other on a daily basis. You get to cherish all the interesting memories you had with each other before you go out into the real world.

Now for the class of 2018, going into our senior year could be a lot to swallow. Do we need to take on more internships? Do we need to join more organizations or activities before it’s too late? How do we know what we do will make us happy?

In this time frame many of us in or senior year will probably be searching to try to figure out what we actually want to do with our lives and what we plan on doing for the new couple of years after graduation.

Although we can only plan so much and have unexpected things happen to us whether good or bad, we can’t help but wonder for our own sacks what are we going to become.

Will what we planned to be when we thought about our lives a few years back be a reality or will we completely loose ourselves and be somewhere we never though we could that will make us learn and make us stronger as individuals.

As for the class of 2017, deciding on whether to live with your parents, continue on your education and go to graduate school to higher your degree level, or go into the work force and be completely independent is totally up to you.

Now is your time to get that job that you want to later possible get you that dream job you always wanted.

Although you maybe scared chances are everyone in your age range and your competitors for your dream job are also fearful as well.

It’s human nature to feel scared for the unexpected and be skeptical to what is to come. All I can say is to live in the moment and try your best to succeed. Who knows you might be rewarded when you least expect it for you hard work.

You know what they say, “some of the best things that happen will surprise you when you least expect it.”

Is Parking Still A Pain?

Students get creative with their parking abilities. Photo by Megan Bonner/Spectrum.

By Meagan Bonner

Staff Reporter

Do you ever find it difficult to park on campus here at  Sacred Heart University? Do you feel like public safety’s ticketing is unnecessary when there is actually no parking available, yet on the ticket they write, “parking was available.”

You’re not alone. Many students are frustrated with the parking situation on campus.

the construction of the Bergoglio residential hall took away about 100 parking spots in North lot.

“We pay a lot of money to go to this school and you have to pay extra for the parking passes and I think that it’s not enforced correctly,” said senior Kyle Brady. “Even if you find a spot to park, maybe on the side of the driveway for the Martire where there’s plenty of room for the cars to get by, Public Safety will ticket you there. The city of Bridgeport randomly tickets on the side street. They just took away half of the parking on campus for the Bergoglio building and they haven’t really added any parking in.”

Many students park on Waller Road, which is a side street right across from the Martire Business and Commination’s building.

Since parking is sometimes hard to find in the Martire lot, students have resorted to that side street.

“I’m definitely frustrated with parking here,” said senior Casey Mitchell. “I got a $40 ticket from the city of Bridgeport a couple months ago for parking on the side street, Waller Road, and it wouldn’t have been an issue if the school wasn’t blocking off 20 plus spots at the Martire with no warning that they were doing this. This also happens in the parking lot by the Pitt Center when there are tours. Again, no warning.”

Some students believe that on certain days, because of how many activities and events are going on around campus, there tends to be more people visiting the campus.

Therefore, because of the number of guests coming to the school now, students are even less likely to find a parking spot.

“I think that Sacred Heart students are definitely frustrated with the parking situation on campus,” said senior Kelly Romano. “Personally I’ve been ticketed a couple of times and I think that it’s mostly because public safety tends to block off a lot of spots at the Martire building for whatever events the business/communications building is holding. Yet, Public Safety doesn’t tell students prior to doing so, they just block off the spots.”

A way to solve this problem at the Martire building, from students’ perspectives, would be for public safety to warn students before taking over half the parking lot without notice.

Other students had a different way of handling this parking problem.

“I think if all professors parked in the parking garage below Martire leaving the upper lot for just students then that would save a lot of space,” said junior Connor Cunningham. “Another way for this parking problem to be solved on campus is when Martire did hold events that guests parked downstairs as well. It’s always madness trying to park at Martire the day there is an event. Actually, it’s madness trying to park on campus everyday.”

Teddi Cowden, who is a senior at Sacred Heart, wrote an article in February on The Odyssey Online titled “Parking At SHU As Told By Jersey Shore.”

The online article got over 360K likes on the Odyssey’s website and 397 shares on Facebook.

“It’s really frustrating parking here on campus because half the time I have to almost make my own spot and then I get ticketed for not parking in a spot, so the school is charging me for a problem they are causing and then it
becomes even more frustrating,” said junior Timmy Johnson.

Does Your Milkshake Bring All the Likes to Instagram?

Some unique flavors featured on Black Tap’s menu includes “cookie” and “sour power.” Photo courtesy of Black Tap Official Facebook page.

By Daniel Diggins

Staff Reporter

What kind of milkshake is the best kind of milkshake?

“Main Street Creamery has amazing milkshakes and the craziest assortment of flavors. I always mix peanut butter, chocolate and banana and my friend mixes coffee and oreo,” said junior Corey Gittleman.

Main Street Creamery in Bridgeport, Conn. is just one of many venues that serve milkshakes close to Sacred Heart University.

Students also go to Merritt Canteen in Bridgeport, Shake Shack in Westport, the Cheesecake Factory in Trumbull and Cream and Sugar Café in Bethel. Students can also venture out to places like Black Tap in New York, N.Y, where they make milkshakes with giant pieces of cake, cookies and cotton candy.

Some of these venues offer unique flavors and interesting combinations, but others take a more traditional route when it comes to flavors.

Merritt offers flavors such as vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, banana, mocha, black and white, coffee and cherry.

“I tend to stick to vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry if I go to Merritt for milkshakes because when I have tried the other flavors, they just taste like vanilla milkshakes with a small flavor shot,” said freshman Mekai Williams.

Although Merritt Canteen isn’t the only place close to school that could serve you a milkshake.

“The Cheesecake Factory only offers Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, and Oreo flavors, but they’re probably my favorite milkshakes. They have the perfect thickness, they’re unreal,” said Williams.

Shake Shack offers milkshakes in vanilla, chocolate, caramel, black & white, strawberry, peanut butter and coffee flavors.

“Shake Shack’s peanut butter flavored milkshakes are a gift from God and the caramel flavor is not too shabby either,” said senior Frank Crisci.

Cream and Sugar Café in Bethel, Conn. has over 36 different flavors to choose from, and use ice cream instead of soft serve when making their milkshakes.

“Cream and Sugar is wicked good. I’m picky when it comes to milkshake flavors so I usually stick to vanilla, but their vanilla shake is by far the best shake I have ever had,” said sophomore Robbie O’Toole.

Some students say it is difficult to decide where to go when they are thirsty for a milkshake.

“I get the craving sometimes, I feel like we all do. It really is a tough decision to decide where to go, but when it comes down to it, I usually choose Merritt for convenience sake,” said sophomore Chris Iacono.

Many students stick to Merritt Canteen just because of how convenient the location is.  Students at Sacred Heart certainly do enjoy milkshakes, but there is no certainty among them in deciding where the best milkshake is.

Other students do not mind driving a little farther than four minutes out of the way to get a milkshake.

“I’ll make the trip to Cream and Sugar Café on the weekend if I’m in the mood. I really think they have the best milkshakes of all time,” said junior Zach Kelly.

Career Development Programs

By Faye Kenijian

Staff Reporter 

With summer approaching, many students are looking for internships, jobs and freelance work. Sacred Heart University has a Career Development and Placement Center on the second floor of the Linda McMahon Commons.

The goal is to provide guidance and preparation to all full-time and part-time undergraduate and graduate

Career Development Center can help students with selecting a major, counseling for career issues, resume and cover letter writing, network events, assistance in finding paid and unpaid internships and career searching post-graduation.

“Career Development at Sacred Heart is a great resource for undergraduate and graduate students because of their network of connections,” said junior Jade Serritella. “This department is one of the reasons I came to this university, and it has continuously helped me in my career. It also has given me the opportunity to work here as my work study.”

Events are displayed and sent through Sacred Heart University emails to notify students when upcoming events with potential employers for internships are happening. Through these emails, students can sign up for the events in order to receive more information about these seminars.

“I attended the NBC Universal event that Career Development held for us. It was a great way to show students opportunities about internships beyond this school,” said junior Eric Todisco. “I walked out of the seminar with more motivation to pursue my major in Media Arts and more knowledge about what a company like NBC can offer me as potential opportunities.”

Students can apply to internships through Sacred Heart’s internal job-hunting website that is only meant for Sacred Heart University students, called PioneerNetwork.

Students can then go on this website and search for the specific type of internship that they want and in what location they want it in. They then can apply directly through the website if stated so.

“Career Development does a good job at offering jobs in this area but are not as helpful for students looking to have a job at their home outside of Connecticut for the summer,” said junior Victoria Hague. “It is a useful tool if you are a business major looking for an internship around school. I think there should be more jobs for non-business majors as well as more jobs at home.”

They have staff members for all of the different colleges such as the Jack Welch College of Business, the College of Health Professions and the College of Arts & Sciences.

“Early and regular engagement with the Career Development & Placement Center is paramount. Students who begin the planning process as early as their first year are typically more successful in aligning these goals,” said Ryan Corbalis, the Associate Director of Career Placement of the College of Arts & Sciences.

The department can be used by prospective students, undergraduate students, graduate students, alumni and employers. In each section, it is demonstrated what type of service can be offered to these students in their specific areas of need.

“Without going to the Career Development Center, I would not have my summer internship or be a part of the accounting leadership program that I received through working with them,” said junior Jennifer Carlson.

The Ink Pen Debate

He Said: Anthony Mattariello

So if you haven’t noticed yet the He Said She Said column has been mostly about food. I mean we’ve done avocados, macaroni and cheese and mac and cheese bites.

For this issue we’re going to change things up a little bit. We’re going to talk about something that most people probably don’t even think of but it affects your everyday lives, especially students.

This week’s topic of discussion if pens that write with blue ink or pens that write in black ink.

It may seem that this topic is a little trivial, however, like most things I feel very strongly about the color of ink that’s in my pen.

Pens are something that I don’t take for granted. When I was in elementary school we weren’t allowed to write with pens until the fourth grade.

Even then we needed to have a good enough hand writing with a pencil to get approved by the teacher for a pen.

Now I didn’t have the best handwriting. If fact, I had the worst handwriting in the class. Come to think of it, to this day my mother yells at me for how terrible my handwriting is.

Thank God for Microsoft Word, am I right?

Anyways, just imagine being a little nine-year-old Anthony when week after week you are being denied the usage of a pen while everyone in the class happily jots down their notes in pen.

Of course there’s the moment when your pencil breaks and you must get up to use the sharpener. Everyone staring at you judging and laughing.

It definitely wasn’t the height of my elementary career. Finally, one day the teacher broke down and allowed me to write in pen. Probably out of pity for my own soul.

So from that day on I never took a pen for granted and I also put a lot of thought into what type of pen I use. I am a big fan of BIC pens. They are simple and comfortable to use and very efficient.

As for the color of ink, that was something I wouldn’t figure out until I was in my final years in high school.

Nonetheless, I figured out and the answer to the question is blue ink. Blue ink is the best ink to use.

Personally I think that blue ink is better on the eyes when reading over your notes. Also, blue ink is just more fun than staring at some plain black ink.

I write with my left hand. If anyone reading this is a lefty then you know that when you write across the page your hand gets some ink smeared on the side of it.

It’s a struggle that even with all this technology we have in the world has still not been resolved. But the blue ink, I think, is less suspicious to people than seeing a streak of black across the side of your hand.

Another good reason blue ink is better is for corrections. Mostly everything is now typed up on a computer, including essays and tests for class which means they’re done in black ink.

When you get your assignments back it’s easier to correct yourself with a blue pen so you can go back and easily find your corrections.

Blue pens are just better overall, end of story.

She Said: Kelsey Hor

Everyone uses black pens. They are the plainest writing utensils you can use to write a cute little message or letter. Given that you can find them anywhere, it’s the easiest thing to pick up in an office or a classroom.

Now as far as black pens versus blue pens go, my friend Anthony over there would say that blue pens are better for whatever reason.

Personally, I think that black pens are so much easier to write with. For the most part you can get away with so much more.

Lets say you made a huge error on your paper you were handwriting and you don’t have any witeout around. It’s best to just cross out your answers or sentence with a few lines using the pen that you used in the first place.

Many people find that black pens are the official color to write for any signature signings or for any legal documentation.

Overall, from a perfectionist or artist standpoint, it contrasts so much better to white paper as opposed to blue ink pens.

Although you might think that this is odd and it might not come to your mind at all, some people think that inividuals that write with a black ink pen have characteristics that are more professional and more conservative to those who write in blue ink pens.

Now I’m not saying that’s all people who perfer to write in black ink pens have these charactersitics, but personally it seems quite fasinating that some people do have those thoughts to such a  non important topic.

Also the great thing about black pens is that most things that are professional typed out are in black ink.

If you made a mistake on a paper or an important document, it’s so easy to make that correction with a black pen without having it look completely unprofessional or sloppy.

On the paper it will look more clean and crisp to send out instead of using a red or blue pen.

Unlike other colored pens such as red or blue pens, black pens will always be black pens. What I mean is unlike other pen colors, they will not change shades of the same color from different brands of pens to another.

You know how when you write a paper with a Paper-mate blue pen, and then realize you made some errors at another time of the day, and you have to make changes to it.

You suddenly have to find another blue pen only to later find out that the shade of blue is a little darker then the pen you used on the original write-up.

Doesn’t that frustrate you a little bit that there is very little consistency in that paper now as far as appearance?

Black pens will always be black pens no matter what type of brand or how many times you correct your paper.

Black pens will always stay the
same shade.

Whether you chose to write your handwritten paper in black or a colored pen, I hope your writing comes out well-written and looks sharp.

Post Graduation: Are You Really Independent?

Sacred Heart University’s 2016 commencement ceremony. Photo by Sacred Heart University.

By Michael Marino

After graduating from college, would you want to continue living with your parents, or do you want to be independent right away?

According to, millennials do not consider themselves adults until the age of 30. However, seniors at Sacred Heart University have different thoughts on adulthood and what they are planning on doing after graduation in 2017.

“After I graduate, I plan on living with my parents and working until I can earn enough money to move out,” said senior A.J Correia. “I plan on saving all my money and not spending it so I can jump into the real world on my own. This will help lower the costs in the beginning when I will not have much of my own money. I’d like to live with my parents for no more than two summers.”

According to The Daily Wire, the market for jobs has been slow since the 2007-2009 recession, and this is only made worse by the increased cost of housing.

In addition, many students graduate from college with a large amount of student loan debt, which is a major factor when bills start to pile up.

“For me, being from New Hampshire, I wanted to get out and see as much of the United States and world as possible,” said senior John Callahan. “One of the best places for the music industry is Los Angeles so I’m going to get an apartment with one of my friends. I took time off from college and now am 24 years old and finishing up school. It’s funny, I still feel like a kid, but once we get a job I feel like that’s when we’re forced to grow up.”

After college, many Sacred Heart students seem they would like to live their youth freely after college and go travel the world.

“For me, it was going abroad to Italy for four months,” said Taves. “I wasn’t sure how to feel about the experience or how I would survive, however I quickly stepped up to the challenge and made the most of it. The most amount of time I would live with my parents is six months,” said Taves. “I think after that it would be time for me to move out and become fully independent.”

Although some students feel that if you are not financially stable it’s more reasonable to live with your parents for a few months after graduation, others believe 21 is the beginning of adulthood.

“I would say you are an adult when you turn 21 simply because the state would legally consider you as one,” said senior Mitchel Fortin.

Whether seniors decide to become independent right away, or live with their parents until they can support themselves is ultimately a decision that they must make for themselves. However, all four students agreed that graduation comes up quickly.

“Don’t take any of it for granted,” said Callahan. “It comes and goes in the blink of an eye.”

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