The Holiday Spirit Fills Sacred Heart

Sacred Heart University students gather to embrace the Christmas spirit at the annual Christmas tree lighting on Dec. 1. Photo by Tracy Deer-Mirek/Sacred Heart University.

Sacred Heart University students gather to embrace the Christmas spirit at the annual Christmas tree lighting on Dec. 1. Photo by Tracy Deer-Mirek/Sacred Heart University.

By Natalie Cioffari


In just five days, classes will end for Sacred Heart University’s undergraduate students and finals week will begin. Fall semester will be over and students will have about a month break for the holidays.

However, Sacred Heart is already underway with celebrating the holidays by decorating the campus with lights, wreaths and Christmas trees.

“The month of December is always stressful because students are preparing for finals” said senior Laura Vero. “However, Sacred Heart does make campus feel more at home with the decorations and activities they have. It takes the stress off for a little bit.”

One festive activity that students can partake and enjoy every year is the annual tree lighting. This year, the event was held on the first of December.

“The tree lighting was so beautiful and it really brought the whole community together. It’s a really special time here at Sacred Heart and I really enjoyed the whole experience,” said junior Nina Miglio.

Other students also enjoyed the Christmas atmosphere, and continue to love the tradition that Sacred Heart has.

“I sing in the choir so I attend the tree lighting every year. I love it because everybody is there is there because they want to be there and they love Christmas. It’s just a fun group of people celebrating the beginning of the Christmas season by singing carols around a tree with cookies and cocoa,” said junior Cara Desrosiers.

Sacred Heart is also having another tree lighting tonight at 5:30 p.m. at the new West Campus location, the former GE global headquarters.

Rockefeller Center in New York also had a tree lighting last week that some students were able to attend.

“The tree lighting at Rockefeller Center was really cool, especially coming from someone who has never seen it before. It is definitely worth something seeing again,” said senior Andrew Kalach.

The Edgerton Center for Performing Arts also keeps the holiday spirit alive with choir and band concerts and dance shows.

This past weekend, the Sacred Heart Dance Program had their seasonal show in the Edgerton called “Winter Light.” Students were able to watch performances from the Dance Company, Dance Ensemble, SHUIrish Dance Ensemble, and other special guests.

“I went to the dance show last Friday and it really got me in the holiday spirit,” said senior Sarah Palmieri. “The SHU Rockettes were awesome. I really loved their costumes.”

Sacred Heart is also featuring more holiday performances for anyone who wishes to attend. The choir’s “Christmas Extravaganza” will be on Dec. 10 in the Edgerton Center and the band’s “Christmas Memories” will be on Dec. 11 in the Edgerton Center. There will also be special performances by the New Haven Symphony Orchestra and the Christ Church Choir on Dec. 16 in the Chapel of the Holy Spirit and Cherish The Ladies on Dec. 21 in the Edgerton Center.

For more information on any of the events coming up, visit or

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